Jeff Bezos Just Gave Away Nearly $120 Million

Source: Forbes

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos donated another $100 million this week, according to Securities and Exchange Filings reviewed by Forbes—but it’s unclear to which nonprofit he donated.

According to an SEC filing from Tuesday, Bezos transferred 47,727 shares of Amazon stock to an unnamed nonprofit, worth a total of $118 million based on that day’s closing stock price. Bezos does most of his philanthropy through gifts of Amazon shares, which the receiving nonprofit is allowed to sell without paying capital gains taxes. Since the beginning of this year, Bezos has gifted 84,030 Amazon shares worth $233 million to unnamed nonprofits, according to SEC filings.

Jeff Bezos attends the 10th Annual LACMA Art+Film Gala presented by Gucci at Los Angeles

A spokesperson for Bezos did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Forbes about the donation. Bezos isn’t required to disclose which nonprofits receive his shares, though he tends to publicly announce his large donations sometime after he’s transferred the stock.

Bezos has made a smattering of $100 million donations in recent years as he’s stepped up his philanthropy. In 2021 alone, he gave $100 million to former president Barack Obama’s Foundation, as well as to World Central Kitchen’s chef José Andrés and nonprofit founder Van Jones to give to charities of their choice. And he made a $200 million pledge to the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum last July, just days before he blasted off into space on his Blue Origin rocket. Bezos has also been giving away $100 million per year to organizations helping homeless families as part of his Day One Fund initiative.

One possibility is that the shares given away this year are going to environmental nonprofits as part of the Bezos Earth Fund, the Amazon founder’s $10 billion initiative to combat climate change. So far, the fund has granted $1.4 billion since its launch in 2020, according to its website.

Though he landed on the Forbes list of Top Givers for the first time this year, Bezos’ overall giving pales in comparison to that of his ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, who is giving away her fortune at a faster pace than anyone in modern history. According to Forbes’ calculations, Bezos has given away $2.4 billion during his lifetime, while Scott has donated five times that amount—$12.5 billion. She still has an estimated net worth of $34.3 billion. Bezos, the world’s third-richest person as of Friday afternoon, is worth an estimated $141.6 billion.