Canva co-owner and one of Australia’s richest women is going to give away her entire wealth

Source: TimesNowNews

Melanie Perkins, owner of online graphic design platform Canva, is reportedly going to give away her entire wealth after having made a fortune of A$16.5 billion. Believe it or not, she is only 34-years-old.

Melanie Perkins

Perkins, who started her career by selling spray-on tattoos, got her first big break after conceptualising the DIY graphic design platform Canva.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the platform, Perkins went on to become Australia’s second richest woman, who leads a multinational tech powerhouse worth more than Telstra.

Perkins and her husband Cliff Oberacht own about 30 per cent stakes of Canva, which is an estimated $16.4 billion.

According to reprots, the company made a revenue of nearly $1 billion before Christmas. The boom in business was attributed to the work-from-home model that gave the platform 60 million news customers in 190 countries.

Perkins had told her staff that the company was set to become one of the most valuable companies in the world.

While business is good, Perkins wants to introduce some changes in her personal life. Interestingly, she and her husband don’t want to keep their wealth.

Perkins has decided on giving up her entire wealth because she believes she can live her life quite modestly. She has reportedly signed up to Bill Gates’ Giving Pledge, with a solid plan to give away her money through charitable donations.

The couple signed up for Bill Gates’ Giving Pledge in December. The main aim of their charity work is to eliminate extreme poverty.

“We have this wildly optimistic belief that there is enough money, goodwill, and good intentions in the world to solve most of the world’s problems,” their pledge letter read.

“We feel like it’s not just a massive opportunity, but important responsibility, and we want to spend our lifetime working towards that. Who needs all that money? Personally?” said Perkins.

Her husband said that education is the priority of the company.

“The priority for the company is education because we really feel educating underprivileged people gives them the opportunity to break the cycle,” Obrecht told The Australian.

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